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Why ?

  • Visibility : Beyond promoting ReWaN members skills in Belgium, an international promotion is achieved through various initiatives and events (international conferences, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, missions with AWEX, etc.).
  • Information : You will receive our newsletter, would get information on the latest news and innovations, upcoming events, business opportunities, etc.
  • Network : Being ReWaN member will allow you to create new contacts (partners, customers, suppliers …), to ask your potential questions, to get advice, to share information …

For who ?

  • Solutions providers : french-speaking Belgian companies, research centers, engineering firms, colleges, universities … who want to promote their skills, products or services by a free registration on one or more maps (biomass, heat green, wind, PV, smart grid) of ReWaN.
  • Applicants of solutions : companies, industries, public authorities, infrastructure managers (schools, swimming pools, hospitals, …), individuals, associations … any actor seeking solutions for sustainable consumption or energy production.

How ?

To become a member of the ReWaN network, you simply need to fill in the form on the contact page, specifying the reason for your membership (subscription to the newsletter, registration to the cartographies of actors, request or supply of solutions, …).

Become a member

Want to be among the actors ?

Being a member of the ReWaN Portal is mainly be a referenced actor, but it’s also follow news, events or newsletters !