A bit of history

Historically, the first mapping of actors was carried out by the TWEED Cluster for the wind energy sector in 2011.

During the next five years, no fewer than five other mappings were made, for various specific sectors (biomass, smart grids, storage, etc.).

In 2016, the ReWallonia Portal was created to merge mapping’s on a single site, promoting the sustainable energy sector more broadly.

Subsequently, ReWallonia has continuously enriched itself with new players referenced, and subscribers to its newsletters.

More recently, in early 2022, the Cluster H2O was created, entirely dedicated to the water sector ; and managed by the Cluster TWEED, dedicated to renewable energy.

So naturally, the idea of creating the ReWaN Portal was born, bringing together water and energy !

Become a member

Want to be among the actors ?

Being a member of the ReWaN Portal is mainly be a referenced actor, but it’s also follow news, events or newsletters !