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An initiative of Walloon water and energy clusters !

The ReWaN network, initiative of the Cluster TWEED and the Cluster H2O, brings together all stakeholders in the sustainable energy and water sectors in Wallonia and Brussels.

Gathering more than two hundred Wallonia & Brussels actors of the Renewable Energy sector, the first mission of the Cluster TWEED is to pave the way for the setting up of high quality and industrial-size projects in the fields of production and exploitation of sustainable energy.

Cluster H2O is a Walloon organization federating French-speaking actors in Belgium in the water sector.

The objectives of the clusters are to accelerate growth and innovation through partnerships and support for project development in Belgium and abroad.

The ReWaN Portal provides access to all maps of Walloon and Brussels stakeholders in the renewable energy and sustainable water sector.

In total, ReWaN represents more than 500 organizations. Thanks to structured navigation, it is easy to identify and contact an organization.

ReWaN aims to contribute to the development of sustainable energy and water, both by acting on supply and on demand.

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